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Welcome to Paz Medical

Paz Medical is the Cooper City medical center that is equipped to treat all your adult family needs.

Paz Medical is the health center that is aimed at helping your family live a healthier, longer and more functional life. Our spacious and up-to-date facility has everything needed to deliver a comprehensive healthcare experience. This will put you more at ease knowing that everything is covered within your healthcare profile.

  • Paz Medical is not satisfied with merely curing your ailments. We aim to help you proactively prevent illnesses before they set root.
  • We partner with you and work on helping you improve the quality of your life and that of your entire family.
  • We help you in enriching the quality of your life by providing you with the guidance you need on your health and its improvement.

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The health of your entire family is our first priority

Welcome to Paz Medical, a full-service health center located in the heart of Cooper City. Our office provides all the solutions you need for your health, in one convenient location. Get fast appointments, along with effective and affordable treatment for all your non-life threatening illnesses and injuries. We are your board certified partners in health and wellness.



      Get continuing and comprehensive healthcare for you and for your family.



      Patient-centered care that looks pass your symptoms to find and treat their roots causes.



      We conveniently provide a range of tests and vaccines all in one location.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Board Certified Doctors

    Our doctors are fully licensed medical professionals who are board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine to provide optimum healthcare services.

  • Proactive Care

    As your Primary Care Providers, we will guide you in improving your current health and help to implement measures to prevent future illnesses.

  • Multipurpose Facility

    Our spacious facility, located in the heart of Cooper City, is equipped to provide a host of medical services for your entire family. Eliminate the need to visit numerous locations for your healthcare needs.

  • Functional Medicine

    As a practice that has integrated the principles of Functional Medicine with traditional Family Medicine, we understand that finding the root causes of your symptoms and fixing those problems are the key to getting you healthier, and maintaining that healthy.

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Welcome to Paz Medical, a full-service medical office with Board Certified Primary Care Physicians, located in Cooper City, Florida.

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