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We conveniently perform a wide range of comprehensive physical exams.

Get Your Physical Exams

Conducting routine physical examinations are a vital part to the proper management and maintenance of your overall health. They act as a preventative step, ensuring that serious conditions are detected and treated early before they cause major medical problems. Experts recommend that adults complete physical exams at least once per year.

Paz Medical Physicals

The Paz Medical facility is well equipped to perform physical examinations on adult patients of all age groups. Our well trained and knowledgeable physicians will check your overall health to look for possible causes to illnesses or chronic conditions that may keep you from enjoying a healthy life. Paz Medical offers a wide range of comprehensive physical exams which include;

  • Annual physicals
  • Adult physicals
  • School and camp
  • Work physicals

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Our physicians are licensed and board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

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Our physicians use a patient-centered approach in targeting health issues to get to their root causes.

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Paz Medical offers a wide range of medical services to tackle your whole health and the health of your family. Our large Cooper City office offers comfort to our patients, along with efficient service. We greatly value both your health, and your time.



      We conveniently provide a range of tests and vaccines all in one location.



      We conveniently perform a wide range of comprehensive physical exams.



      Patient-centered care that looks pass your symptoms to find and treat their roots causes.