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The Importance of Women’s Health

In the chaos of a woman’s daily life, healthy living may take a back seat to work, busy schedules, family and other obligations. The female body and its complex make-up require attention from an experienced and knowledgeable healthcare provider that can guide you in its proper maintenance and care. Understanding the changes within your body, especially as you age, is extremely important in ensuring that you live a fulfilled and uninterrupted life.  Your wellness visits are beneficial for your physical, as well as emotional health.

Women’s Well Visits at Paz Medical

Spearheaded by the intuitive care of Dr Cintia A. Paz, Paz Medical provides expert primary healthcare and medical counselling to its female patients. She is aimed at providing ongoing support and education that patients need to manage changes occurring throughout their lives. She considers the relationship with her patients to be one built on respect, courtesy, confidentiality and compassion.

From adolescent to senior adulthood, our healthcare provider can address all of a woman’s healthcare needs in one place. Our clean and beautiful facility is equipped to provide complete physical examinations and vitals screening. Paz Medical provides complete care and guidance to help you navigate your health as a conscientious woman concerned with her longevity and well-being.

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Paz Medical offers a wide range of medical services to tackle your whole health and the health of your family. Our large Cooper City office offers comfort to our patients, along with efficient service. We greatly value both your health, and your time.



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